emily zoe.

My energy creates space for inner exploration, play, laughter, breathe. movement and a delicate gentleness of self. 

together we co-create.
we slip into a flow that is unhurried and void of expectations.

i am your guide,
as you are mine.

From the moment you book your session, I am here with you. Guiding. Inspiring. Styling. Sending notes of mindfulness and preparation.
The day of, you'll show up at my studio, or I'll meet you at your home, and together we settle in. All I ask is for your presence. Your vulnerability. Your willingness to let go and be free.
My approach to photography is observant at first. As I watch your natural movements and we both settle in, I begin directing and experimenting and playing with light and poses and prompts. This experience is a co-creation. Together, we explore the beauty that is creative flow and tapping into our sensual selves. I leave every experience with a high that I cannot replicate. It comes from energy and connection, and is absolutely addicting. You will be back, and I already can't wait for round 2.

what to expect.


"Nobility of character manifests itself at loopholes when it is not provided with large doors." - Mary Wilkins Freeman

Opportunities do not always come at the time or in the form we had hoped. Instead of blinding flashes of light, they are often still small voices that whisper to us in unexpected moments.
Our potential for greatness is linked with our ability to be present to the moment. Noticing may be one of the most important skills we have. When we are present to notice a small, obscure opportunity, we may discover that we have taken a major turn on the path of our life.

ANYBODY can walk through a wide-open door. I hope for the nobility of character to see the loophole."

- Anne Wilson Schaef, Meditations For Women Who Do Too Much

an investment in an experience that yeilds priceless imagery.


01. Boudoir

02. motherhood

Session Fee/ $500
Collections starting at $1500

Intended for mother + child.
Studio Sessions starting at $1500

Ideally, sessions should be scheduled at least 3 months + in advance. 

should we book in advance? 

Our loft-like studio is located in a historic warehouse in Easton, Maryland, a beautiful water town about 40min east from Annapolis. 

WHERE is your studio? 

01 - housekeeping


how do we book? 

For boudoir sessions, all we need is the Session Fee and a signed contract! For Motherhood, a 25% deposit of your selected Collection and a Contract secures your booking.

do you travel for sessions? 

Yes! NOVA, Delaware, Washington DC, Baltimore, Ocean City, and Philadelphia are in range for weekday travel and wouldn't require an overnight hotel stay. Travel outside of these surrounding areas or via a plane trip are available, but more limited. Please connect with me so we can discuss your plans!

02- creative and process

what is it like working with you? 

I am unhurried, observant, experimental, and conscious of the intimacy & vulnerability I am seeking. I have been told that my presence is calming and warming. Prior to our session we have spoken multiple times, texted, emailed, and sent voice notes. We will have a level of knowing before we even meet. I cherish everything about what I do and the women whose stories I am telling, and it radiates in this space of co-creation.

how many images will we see? 

Although it depends of the session type we are photographing. Boudoir clients see a range of 70- 100 images, with motherhood galleries ranging from 100- 150 images

I'm awkward and nervous- how can you help!? 

This is an incredibly common concern amongst most of my clients! A big part of my process and essence as a photographer is to help ease you into your most authentic and comfortable self.
I will gently prompt and guide you, fill the room with music, place you in the best light, learn your individual beauty and capture moments that you never even knew happened.
By the end of our time together, we will be in such a flow neither of us will want it to end!

sensual storytelling w/ emily zoe