a slow-form,
photographer of women.

Emily Zoe, located in Maryland, is a photographer, a mother, and an artist of self-portraits. She explores the deeper narratives of feminine energies within womanhood and motherhood, defining her style as both raw and sensuous. To Emily, photography is a bridge to a deeper connection to oneself. The act of co-creation is itself a sharing of energy, and an invitation to rediscover the pieces of our soul that are so often left in the shadows... 

Using photography to explore the feminine within

Maryland Boudoir & Motherhood

Artful photographs help us move beyond the narratives we speak about our bodies. For women, intimate portraiture opens a door to the depths of our being. It transforms how we see our physical self, guiding us to embrace our vulnerabilities. Boudoir. Intimate portraiture. This art demands depth, narrative, and true self-expression. When you work with me, come ready to collaborate, create, and let go of all expectations. Be here, in this moment. The images will reveal themselves exactly as they should.

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"The experience was not only a transformation of my appearance but a rekindling of a friendship that celebrates self-expression and the art of metamorphosis. Your craft goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a medium that communicates self-love and empowerment, and for that, I am profoundly thankful."
- Joyce

A slow-form approach to photographing the mothering bond. Guiding you though my lens, we craft intimate glimpses of a beautifully ordinary life, an ever-evolving journey. Allow the act of creating art, even if just for a day, to interrupt your routine, reminding you that the present is enough. That you are enough, both in and out of your mothering role. Your family's narrative will continue to unfold, and your role as a mother will morph within it. To forever capture who you are today is not just a whimsical wish — it is a deep affirmation of the beauty of your existence.

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An embodiment of artistic perspective, insight, and interpretative vision.

A metaphor for the pathway to artistic exploration and discovery...







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I left a career in tech to be immersed into this world of photographing women. I love connecting and talking about this stuff. Even if you're unsure, reach out! I may not be the right person for you, or I may be exactly what you need...

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