"Emily is made to photograph women - I couldn't believe how comfortable and beautiful she made me feel. We talked about the aesthetic I wanted and I felt like she understood everything I wanted - she clearly knows what she is doing both in her styling aesthetic and gentle coaching on posing. I couldn't be more pleased with how she made look, and most importantly, how she made me FEEL as I used our session to celebrate my 40th bday."


Boudoir film and digital photographer.

"I am so proud to have photographed with you and to have your work hanging in my home.

The imagery you created of my body is unbelievable. I never in a million years thought I could be that free, that creative, that relaxed in such an intimate experience.

Thank you thank you thank you for how you view women."


"Emily's lens is my favorite way to see myself. It reminds me of all the love I hold inside.

She is magic in human form."


"From the moment of booking to the session day, I was enveloped in warmth, positivity, and practical guidance on preparation - as someone who thrives on planning, this was deeply appreciated. Emily's essence of comfort, joy, serenity, and beauty translates seamlessly into her ability to capture light and beauty in all her subjects. I can't recommend this experience enough - it's a journey of release and self-love with a beautiful keepsake born out of it."


"Emily was the perfect person to facilitate that capturing my journey of self-acceptance on camera. She made me feel extremely comfortable and confident - and our shoot was just SO playful! I truly cannot remember the last time I felt a sense of playfulness regarding my physical body- its only ever been anxiousness. A million thank you's to Emily for helping me feel safe in my sensuality- I will cherish these pictures forever."


"Most amazing, creative, fun comfortable, and incredible photoshoot I've done to date. Beyond grateful for the way Emily made me feel in my body and the incredible images I now have from this experience."

- Lena

love notes

You are a divine energy. Welcome to a space of fearless creativity, release, and inner exploration. I'm here to discover the essence of you – your passions, your wants, the allure that makes you utterly you.

What's going on in your world that ignited an interest in this type of intimate portraiture?

What do you hold dear about your own journey of self love, and what do you need to let go of? What does your soul need to create a space of joy, authenticity, sensuality, and surrender? All options are open.

Come, co-create with me; let's see where the flow takes us...

A small view of a precious body of work, photographed primarily inside our Easton, Maryland studio.

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I left a career in tech to be immersed into this world of photographing women. I love connecting and talking about this stuff. Even if you're unsure, reach out! I may not be the right person for you, or I may be exactly what you need...

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